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Wiper Blades, a Short Guide

Two things are certain.

The first is that if your wiper blades are making noise, they need to be changed. The second is that you only change them after it rains.

It’s useless to lie to each other, it’s nothing strange.

The oddity is that sometimes it is even recommended to change the wipers in the rain, if inot necessary.

So here are a couple of points to keep in mind in your wiper buying guide:


Dupont rubber is preferable: choosing a wiper blade with Dupont rubber guarantees greater resistance than the others. It’s not a necessary purchase, but it’s more efficient.


Harmonized steel is the best choice for the market: it is more flexible, elastic, light and resistant.

Centering VS Decentralization

Decentralized and centered brushes, avoid the former: they have the adapter attachment slightly moved to the right or left. This means that: o the windscreen wipers strike the bodywork of the car; or the wipers collide with each other. Sometimes the decentralization is almost imperceptible, but it remains a less suitable product than the first, and therefore not recommended.


They are a consumable product and therefore must be cheap. There are no eternal brushes, they are made of rubber and therefore wear out, age and harden.

Finally, a couple of tips:

If the car is used often, i.e. every day, the windscreen wiper blades or rubber blades should be replaced at least twice every 12 months, preferably before the start of the winter season and before the start of the summer season if they are not new. If you don’t use the machine often, once a year;

Remember to check the glass cleaner inside the tank, especially in winter. Dry cleaning of the glass can cause damage and accelerate the wear of the rubbers and therefore of the wipers.

Last recommendation that seems obvious: if the windscreen is frozen, the windscreen wipers must not be activated. It affects the wiper, regulator, and glass.

by unicar srl

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